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Best Internet Downloader For Movies and Files

Best Internet Downloader to Accelerate Download Speed

 “Download Your Files, Videos, Photos and Documents Faster than Normal Browser Download Experience”

So you are looking for the best download application that can accelerate your download speed for more than just what you’ve expected in a normal browser download, well mostly of users here in the Philippines knows about this app but not all of them, now if you are going to download a files or movies on the internet but take’s more than an hour to complete , well worry no more because this application will solve your problem, it is free to use but you can purchase license for this to experience a full feature’s, but free version works fine as well, this application called Internet Download Manager you can search that on the google or just simply click the link in order for you to redirect to the Internet Download Manager home page.

Complete Guide For Installing and how to use this application (IDM)

Best Internet Downloader for those who want to accelerate and experience the most high download speed on your computer in less than a minute and compare default download for this app.

In this guide we consider that you know how to download the application internet download manager and install it (please see screenshot below for the illustration).

  • First Step is of-course open your browser and then type in “Google.com” after that just simply search this keyword “Internet Download Manager” or you can also type in “idm”, after that you will see a result on the first result just click on that.

idm google search

  • After Clicking the link you will see a page like the screenshot below, just simply click the orange button called “Try Internet Download Manager for Free” and after that just wait until it will start to download the application.

idm home page download

  • Now, when the download application is finished just install it and follow the instruction, after that you will see an icon for the internet download manager on your Computer Desktop (screenshot below).

idm icon on desktop

  • Click that Icon to open Internet Download Manager Application (See Screenshot Below).

idm gui application

Thant’s it you now have your Internet Download Manager you can now download file more faster than before, next is how to use it.


How to use (IDM) Internet Download Manager and have a “Download Videos on Internet” or any files you want to download in this tutorial or guide we will try to download movies (you can try any files to download), now you want to download video just simply go to the website you want to download videos, for example in a website of “www.YouTube.Com” choose one of their free download movies and start downloading it and then copy the link and paste it into IDM (See Screenshot) if you don’t know how to download from their website click here.

click download button

  • After you choose a movie to download scroll down and click any of that button with different Movie Quality, when you click you will redirected to shorte.st page just see the timer countdown at the top right of the page and wait until it reach zero and the button will change to a name called “Skip Ad” just click that and you will get your movie, Now that copy the link and paste it to Internet Download Manager (see screenshot).

downloading free movies

  • After you copied the files or movie link you want to download just open IDM application and on the left side just click the yellow icon called “Add URL” to add the URL or link of the files or movies you want to download now after clicking that you will see a new popup window (see next screenshot below).

add url idm

  • When you see a window lick that just paste it there where your download URL is copied and then hit OK, you will now see that your download experience is more faster than before.

download free click ok

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