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You will see a different beautiful places globally most specially in the Phillippines.

Travel: Tinuy-an Falls from Bislig City

tinuy an falls vacation

TINUY-AN FALLS Wonder Nature Good For Vacation Tinuy-an Falls for Vacation Tinuy-an Falls is located in Barangay Borboanan, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. This is the most visited tourist spot in Surigao del Sur. It is said to be 95 meters wide, 55 meters plunge from its three (3) cascading …

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Travels : Campawasan Curtain Falls Wonder Nature

campawasan curtain falls

Campawasan Curtain Falls From Baganga, Davao Campawasan Curtain Falls Wonder Nature [AdSense-A] This amazing Falls can be found in Baganga, Davao Oriental, Philippines, the locals called it KURTINA as its look like a Water Curtain as you can see, you will get amazed by its natural look because it is not yet develop …

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Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park at Cateel

aliwagwag falls

Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park This is one of the most visited Falls in Davao where in Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park is located at Cateel, Davao Oriental, Philippines, so I would like to share with you my experience here in aliwagwag falls eco park. Actually this is my first time traveling here …

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