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Mark Fernandez Not Guilty During His Arraignment

Mark Fernandez Pledge that he is not guilty

Mark Anthony Fernandez not guilty
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Mark Fernandez Not Guilty During Arraignment

Mark Anthony Fernandez a movie actor who is recently alleged caught on his position carrying illegal drugs, but now Mark pledge not guilty to charges possession of an illegal drugs during his arraignment last December 13, 2016.

During his arraignment, the Hall of Justice has been declared off-limits to all reporter and media because of the strict security personal guarded at the main entry.

Mark is riding the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology bus and he is dropped off at the back door of the Hall of Justice.

As we all know that the arraignment of Mister Mark Fernandez was postponed twice due to the government prosecutors filed a motion seeking to include a GRINDER for marijuana on the listed items that recovered from Mark. He was arrested after caught over 500 grams of dried marijuana that is reported found on his car.

He is still be on arraigned after denying the alleged that the police caught him carrying illegal drugs, he is currently held at the provincial jail in San Fernando. He will currently still in prison after this case will be proved that his guilty or the case is closed and proved that his innocent.

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