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Meriam Defensor Santiago

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Dies at the Age of 71

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Dies at the Age of 71 A Filipino Politician who is known to be the greatest of the Politics, dies at September 29, 2016 in the morning at exactly 8:00 AM she dies of the stage 4 lung cancer, Miriam Palma Defensor Santiago was a Filipino politician, who …

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train to busan big hit movies


Train To Busan 2016 Make A Big Hit A live-action 2016 movie Train to Busan directed by Yeon Sang Ho that give a Huge hits worldwide. The movie said earned over $10 million in South Korea only, starring by Gong Yoo as Seok-Woo (a Farther who loved his daughter), Ma …

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internet download free

Best Internet Downloader For Movies and Files

Best Internet Downloader to Accelerate Download Speed  “Download Your Files, Videos, Photos and Documents Faster than Normal Browser Download Experience” So you are looking for the best download application that can accelerate your download speed for more than just what you’ve expected in a normal browser download, well mostly of …

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Top 10 Best Free Download HD Movies Website

Top 10 Best Free Download HD Movies Website with Clear Copy We always looking for something that can entertain us, like playing games from your mobile devices, sharing thoughts and express feelings to all social media networks, and one the the best thing is to watch movies, we all know …

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Extra Judicial Killings featured

Extra Judicial Killings Hearing (Delima Goes Viral About Her Ex-Driver)

“Witnesses Finger De Lima,” Extra Judicial Killings Hearing Delima Goes Virals About Her Ex-Driver according to a reliable source “Witnesses Finger De Lima – The headline pertained to the recent senate inquiry in which the New Bilibid prison inmate (Herbert Colangco) — ‘fingers’ De Lima, accusing her of receiving monthly payola’s from …

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top 5 best online shopping websites featured

Top 5 Best Online Shopping Website (2016 – 2017)

Top 5 Best Online Shopping Website in 2016 – 2017 (Asia/PH) Top 5 Best Online Shopping Website – There are lots of online shopping website’s now that the customer can easily access using there phone, it is very convenient and fast transaction, and we are going to list of the …

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unkown donors for military hospital

Good News To All Military and Their Family Unkown Donors

Military Unknown Donors Gives 1 Billion To Military Hospitals Donors Donated 1B, President Rodrigo Duterte Declare an Announcement that there is an unknown Donor that is donated 1 Billion pesos for the Military Hospitals in which this is a very GOOD News To all the Military as well as there …

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concert bilibid

Concert Bilibid Official Statement

OFFICIAL STATEMENT REGARDING MOCHA GIRLS PERFORMING AT A CONCERT IN BILIBID “Concert Bilibid Official Statement“, Totoo po na noong late 2012 or early 2013 kami po ay nagperform sa bilibid. Marami pong nag perform doon sa event na yun. Ito po ay pormal na concert na dumaan po sa tamang …

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modus ng taxi driver sa pasaherong papunta ng NAIA Terminal

Taxi Driver And Caller Mudos

Taxi Driver And Caller Mudos (NAIA Terminal) Sec.TUGADE marami pa ring ganitong taxi driver. Office for Transportation Security – DOTC DOTC Credit: Mocha Uson Blog         Attention!!!! be aware to this taxi driver and caller..! Sasakay kami ng taxi from NAIA terminal 3 papuntang Cubao Bus Terminal. …

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Rehabilitation Centers for Drug Victims

Rehabilitation Centers for Drug Victims

Rehabilitation Centers for Drug Victims  in PH Credits: Mocha Uson Blog “Rehabilitation Centers for Drug Victims all over the Philippines” – Hello po mga ka-DDS! Just finished the meeting on our newest project of building rehab centers all over the Philippines. Let’s gagamitan this holistic drug rehab programs. Others say …

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